At Ateo, we design & develop applications using the latest technology in mobile & wearables. 
Connecting game-design knowledge with traditional visualization & app development, we deliver unique experiences for the latest kind of devices.

Our key fields of expertise are:

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality is just one step away from the matrix, and we’re with it from the start. Starting with the earliest Oculus DK1 in 2013, we are rapidly expanding our knowledge about VR on various platforms like Google Cardboard, Dive & the Gear VR while sharing our knowledge about VR interface design. And it’s not just about gaming - by using 360 degree three-dimensional photography and video, Virtual Reality delivers a user experience unseen before.

Games & Gamification


Coming from the game design course at ZHdK, we excel at developing video games, both desktop and mobile. While we create 2D and 3D games alike, our specialization goes with Serious Games for learning or rehabilitation. These gamified practices can be put to use not only in games but also in other kinds of systems and software.



Unlike a few years ago, realtime 3D environments are now delivering an outstanding level of visual quality on all platforms.
Using realtime graphics, technical and architectural environments and products can now be presented from any point of view while being customized on-the-fly.

Augmented Reality


With AR apps, the world can be experienced in a new and enhanced way. Digital content is put on real objects for an additional layer of information and interaction. We have been working with AR for over two years and understand the value and challenges of the technology.